Cardiovascular Risk Screening

Do you know how these controllable risk factors affect your risk of heart disease, stroke and metabolic syndrome?
-high blood pressure
-high blood cholesterol
-being overweight or obese
-physical inactivity

Cardiovascular Disease Management

Cardiovascular Medical Group of Southern California (CVMG) offers the full spectrum of general and specialized cardiovascular services and diagnostics. Our patients begin by consulting with one of our experienced cardiologists who will evaluate their condition and recommend treatments and management of any cardiovascular problems. First and foremost is the prevention of heart disease and our services are aligned with a plan that will help promote ongoing cardiovascular health.

Internal Medicine

Cardiovascular Medical Group doctors are all board-certified in internal medicine. As such, they are experts in helping you manage your internal medicine diseases such as diabetes, kidney and liver diseases, and other internal medicine ailments.

Hospital Services

Cardiology Consultation, Pre-Operative Evaluation, Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization, Interventional Cardiology, and Peripheral Intervention are among hospital services offered by Cardiovascular Medical Group.