defibrillatorCardiovascular Medical Group provides defibrillator implantation and monitoring.

Cardiac Defibrillation
Is a way of returning an abnormally fast or disorganized heartbeat to normal with a very brief electric shock.

Implantable Defibrillator
An implantable defibrillator is a lifesaving device that is placed under the skin (with wires running to the heart) to defibrillate (shock) and/or work as a pacemaker. It detects when the heartbeat isn’t normal and continuously monitors the heart 24 hours a day.

How an Implantable Defibrillator Works:

  • For bad heart rhythm problems, a defibrillator is implanted under the skin of the chest and is connected to heart with wires
  • Can give defibrillation shocks and work as a pacemaker
  • It monitors the heart continuously, 24 hours a day, detects when the heartbeat is not normal and tries to restore it to normal by either pacing the heart or administering a shock.