Cathlab in modern hospitalInterventional cardiology is an ever expanding specialty which began with diagnostic cardiac catheterization, but has now expanded to include remediation of the diseases of the heart, valves and entire vascular system.

Cardiovascular Medical Group provides the following services:

    • Coronary Angioplasty and Stents
    • Structural Heart Disease
    • Peripheral Angiography and Endovascular Therapies

Coronary Angioplasty and Stents:
A coronary angiogram has been performed and a blockage has been noted in any one of your arteries or multiple arteries through catheters directed inside the arteries. A multitude of wires, balloons and other devices may be used to clean a blockage from the artery and a stent which is a laser cut scaffold made of metal, may be permanently implanted into the artery to help keep the artery open indefinitely. This procedure has revolutionized the practice of cardiology and has kept many patients alive and angina free, as well as prolonging the life of numerous individuals suffering heart attacks.

Structural Heart Disease:
Structural heart disease involves the different structures within the heart not including the coronary arteries that have been previously described that supply blood to the heart. Using specialized, minimally invasive devices we are now able to close tiny holes in the heart, repair damaged heart valves, and block pockets that may form blood clots inside the heart without the prolonged recovery and discomfort associated with traditional open heart surgery.

Peripheral Angiography and Endovascular Therapies:
Using techniques similar to those used in the heart the aorta and all the major arteries that arise from this including the major arteries that supply the legs, the carotid arteries that supply the brain can now be repaired with minimally invasive devices. This may be a therapy for not only blockages within these arteries but also aneurysms or dissections which are small tears within these arteries.